celebrity columnist for edge magazine

POSTED BY Baiyu IN Article, Magazine @ November 12, 2012 - 9:06 pm

Hey Team Baiyu! I’m so honored to have been asked by the Edge Magazine team to do a regular column with them about my life adventures with sprinklings of thoughts on the world around me. This new column is called “On the Edge of Reality”, and I chose this title not only because I was on a reality singing show fairly recently, but more importantly because I feel like I’m always pushing the boundaries of what the world is trying to make me out to be while fighting as hard as I can to stay grounded in what is true to myself – a mixture of which becomes the edge of 2 realities that make up my world.

I can’t believe that I’ll be joining the ranks of Melanie Fiona and Tae Heckard as a celebrity contributor to Edge, but I’m probably more excited that I’m going to have a new place for you guys to visit where you can find out new juicy tidbits about the nuts and bolts of who I am!

CLICK HERE to read my intro to the column in a little piece called “fifteen”

On top of that, I’ve also published my first piece which is a reflection on my talk at Yale University, when I had the unique opportunity to talk to a room full of inquiring minds about my journey as a musician… so read¬†MORE HERE

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