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While I was in LA, I had the amazing opportunity to do a half day shoot with Skinny Bitch Apparel and hang out with the lovely founder/designer/fashionista and her uber cute puppies!!  Here’s me on the homepage of the site and scroll down a bit more for the interview we did.  Be sure to use the discount code and get yourself swagged out:

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Aside from our love of fashion, there are few things that get us as excited as real life girls living by our bitchin’ mantra. We scored an interview with skinny bitch triple-threat, Baiyu. She models, she sings, she dances around, and she’s so cool she only has one name.

She is the ultimate skinny bitch and today, we have a chance to get up close and personal. Below are some photos from a recent Skinny Bitch Apparel shoot in Venice, CA.

Skinny Bitch Apparel Shoot, Venice CA

SB Editor: You’re the complete package; motivated, beautiful, and inherently talented, how do you strive to exemplify the Skinny Bitch girl?

Baiyu: I’m confident and fearless, and I have absolutely no doubt that with the right mix of talent and ambition, anything is achievable. I think it’s important as a strong woman to not only understand and know what I want, but be unyielding in pursuing my dreams.

SB Editor: Which is why we adore you. That and the fact that you are a singer as well as a model, how do singing and fashion work together in your life?

Baiyu: Music, fashion, film, visual arts, I think that all these elements are connected. If you follow me on twitter (@baiyumusic), you’ll see that I love taking pictures of graffiti, that I dig the sights, sounds and taste of the city, and that I enjoy having fun with what I rock from a fashion standpoint. As an artist, I see anything and everything as a point of inspiration, as well as outlet for expression. Music and fashion are just two such things. Fashion is a huge part of my performance and persona.

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