Limitless: Edge Magazine Feature

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As much as I’m super focused on my music, there’s a little part of me that absolutely loves doing photo shoots.  I mean… what girl doesn’t want to be pampered and made to feel extra beautiful?

When Camara Mathis reached out to me about doing an interview with Edge Magazine, of course being me, I had to do my homework and find out what they were all about.  Not only is Edge a hip, classy magazine with a  killer layout and incredible visuals, I was most drawn to their mission of featuring and uplifting minorities in all walks of life.  When I landed in LA and rolled up to the Mathis estate, Ashley, Camara and all the caring and lovely ladies of Edge just made me feel so incredibly at home, I couldn’t help but feel like I’m now a part of a bigger family.

Baiyu Edge Magazine

Edge – thanks for noticing, thanks for making me feel amazing and thanks for highlighting minorities in such a positive light!

Baiyu Edge Magazine

Above is a preview of the magazine which you can purchase in print HERE

…or peep the Edge Magazine online space HERE to see more photos and videos

Photos: Ashley B. Nguyen

Interviewer: Iman N. Milner

Stylist: Kameron Simpson

Hair Stylist: Rianna Devine

MUA: Nacomi Gutierrez