a night to never forget: hunter at custo

POSTED BY Baiyu IN Event, Performance, Red Carpet @ July 14, 2012 - 3:28 pm

To me, there’s nothing like the feeling of putting some major work into a project and then when it’s complete, being able to stand back and take in everything that you’ve accomplished.  On a small scale, I felt this way when I spent close to 20 hours building a bridge out of toothpicks when I was little and having the teacher praise me on how neat I was and on my level of detail.  On a much larger scale, I couldn’t have been more grateful and blessed to be able to share music that I spent nearly a year in creating and to do so with my closest and dearest group of friends and supporters.  I spilled my heart when I made HUNTER and then some tears when I saw how happy everyone was for me, but perhaps best of all, I now have a project that I can give to you guys with open arms.

The night started off without a hitch as DJ Boof cranked up the music for all the party goers as the lovely Cherry Martinez cheered on the celebration with her amazingly thoughtful and kind introduction.  In a way, this was one night when I truly felt like a fairytale princess, donned in Custo Barcelona, and in fact having it happen in Custo’s flagship store in Soho.  I honestly don’t even remember half of what happened other than just having such an adrenaline high from greeting all my friends, and then from putting on a little acoustic set with two of my loveliest friends Lucas and James.  To get a little taste of how the night went, feel free to visit one of the sites below:







… or follow along with some of these pics :)