Baiyu Will Be on the CW Show “The Next”

POSTED BY Baiyu IN Performance, TV Appearance @ July 29, 2012 - 9:48 pm

I still can’t believe the kind of week I had because guess what… I just spent Monday through Wednesday filming a new show on the CW called “The Next” with my new mentor Nelly! AHHHHHH!! Right??

I will be representing New York on the show, which highlights the hottest musical talents in six cities across the United States that are all on the verge of stardom. The producers scoped me out as one of the local and national artists are all celebrities in their own right, but may just need an extra push to make it to the top. With the help of Nelly, watch as I take to the stage after 72 hours of intense preparation, and put on the biggest performance of my life!

I’ll loop you guys in on the details once we get closer to the air date, but for the time being, check out some of the amazing previews on The CW but clicking the image below:

Executive-produced by Queen Latifah, “The Next” features Joe Jonas, Nelly, Gloria Estefan and John Rich as musical mentors to up-and-coming musicians. Each celebrity mentor will guide the contestants, by immersing themselves in the contenders’ lives. They go to work with them and socialize with them, all the while preparing them for their big performance. One winner will be chosen in each city and move on to the next round until ultimately, one performer remains and wins a recording contract with Atlantic Records. The show premieres on August 16th. Check your local listings for details.

Catch Nelly talking about surprising me as we meet for the first time HERE.